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Nice to meet you! I'm Jan Hof and I quit my job to work full-time on Get FIRE. Before that, I worked in software engineering for 7 years. On this Blog I will share my thoughts, experiences and my progress along making the Get FIRE app. If you like to, you can use my RSS Feed and follow me on Twitter.

Introducing Get FIRE – A New Personal Finance App for Saving And Managing Money

October 04, 2019

Have you ever wondered how people have achieved their financial goals? Perhaps they have bought a house, spent time off work or have travelled around the globe? It may seem like they are inherently wealthy or they got lucky with their salary, but I can assure you, it’s probably less likely to do with luck and more to do with strategic financial planning.

Have you dreamt of taking a trip away? Perhaps you would like a new car? Or have you wondered if you save enough so that you could take a full year off work? Of course you have! But sometimes financial dreams such as these can feel a million miles out of reach.

I often wondered how I could free myself from my monthly paycheck and create a viable savings plan, that would allow me additional financial freedom, and eventually save enough money so that I wouldn’t have to work for 24 months. So, I created my own, personal version of a financial planning tool, which I then called Get FIRE.

The FIRE Movement

Why FIRE? If you haven’t heard of the phrase, the FIRE movement stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. It was started in 2010 as a movement of saving as much money as possible from your monthly paycheck, which means that you could retire as early as 30. It might sound a little extreme, but the movement quickly caught on, and now there are thousands of people around the world who live by the FIRE movement and believe in saving as much as possible in a short time to achieve their goals.

So what is Get FIRE? Get FIRE provides a method of saving and managing money that allows control over all incomings and outgoings, with a big focus on saving for that all-important financial goal (whatever that is for you). Personally, I wanted to save so that I could take two entire years away from work, but you could choose a multitude of different things. Perhaps you aim to retire at 30, or maybe buy that car you’ve always wanted, or to own your own home. Whatever your goals and ambitions, I hope that this app will be the tool that can help you to reach them.

The Get FIRE Mission

Rather than taking a route towards a conventional business structure, I hope to build Get FIRE and the company infrastructure on values of transparency, the sharing of business goals and value to you – the customer. Many companies adopt an approach of secrecy around their finances, staff and company goals. I think that today, operating a business with these methods no longer works. The largest companies are losing trust with their customers, and people no longer feel that retailers or suppliers are genuinely on their side.

I believe that with the opportunity of creating a new app and bringing a different technology to market, I have a chance to create a business that offers alternative values. Why not provide transparency to the customer? I would like to offer something where I am visible as the owner of an app, as I fully stand behind the technology and believe in what it can do – ultimately, I believe in instilling confidence through openness.

Additionally, when designing the app, I considered user security. Cybercrime should never be taken lightly, and that is why when creating Get FIRE, I decided to add an additional layer of protection with higher-than-average, military-level encryption, also known as AES-256 encryption. For each income and every expense, that you write down, the value numbers and its associated notes will be automatically encrypted. This means that no-one other than you will be able to read your personal data; no third parties, and not even me.

Finally, and the most important of all, Get FIRE supports financial freedom for each person who uses the app. The app has been designed to provide financial planning that is accessible and easy to use, and most importantly, helps you on your way to saving for your goals. Within the app you can identify and keep track of your personal number of FIRE Points: How Many Months of Retirement Do I Have Today? - This question will be answered with your personal number of FIRE Points. Each FIRE point represent one month of early retirement. For many people, like me, FIRE Points is the most motivating and relevant number out there, because they reflect the achievement of our big goal - FIRE; Financial Independence, Retire Early.

Join Get FIRE

At this stage, the Get FIRE app is available in public beta and has been released to all modern browsers - on both desktop and mobile. If you want to be part of the FIRE movement and try the app for yourself, click here to sign up and start your journey to your savings goal today!

Alternatively you can learn more about Get FIRE here.

All the best, Jan Hof (onfirejan)